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Mission Statement

Ronald Frink Architects (RFA) takes great pride in being a personable, high caliber architectural and design firm with an extensive project history ranging from master planning to the design of corporate and civic buildings, commercial and retail interiors and onto large-scale custom residences. The core of our philosophy centers on an unyielding desire to contribute to our contemporary environments with high quality and innovative design of buildings, which are unpretentious, yet, dynamic, engaging and enduring over time. We strive to promote harmony and satisfaction in our work and in our relationships. In providing excellent design and service, RFA is also sensitive to budgetary considerations, which leads to unique and satisfying outcomes for our clients and their projects. We work best and find the most enjoyment within an integrated project team approach with central focus on the project potential and our client’s needs, means and expectations – all of which consistently result with the celebration of successful completion of dynamic, well designed and executed projects.

Environmental Policy

Ronald Frink Architects (RFA) designs projects with implicit environmental consciousness.  While we foster sustainability as a guiding principle in the planning and design of all our architectural and interiors projects, the core of our philosophy is that sustainable design is good for business and good for our collective future.

We believe the core goal of all sustainable design is based within a successful multi-disciplinary collaboration, which considers the integration and assessment of both the environmental applications along with the economic benefits that enhance building, human and environmental performance for our clients.

In addition to complying with current local and state sustainable building codes, the RFA Team uses its expertise to help our clients pursue a LEED rating when appropriate for our clients.  We are also sensitive that LEED certification may not be a feasible commitment for each client. We strive to optimize sustainable practices within the context of a client’s requirements throughout the design and construction phases, as well as to add value over time to ongoing occupancy, operations and maintenance of the project.

RFA strives to continually improve the firm and increase our positive contribution in support of each of our clients and projects to reach achievable environmental, social, aesthetic, physical, and economic solutions through business and design practices that are consistent with our broader social and environmental values.


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Pacific BMW Showroom
2010 Community Beautification
Glendale Beautiful

Lakeshore Plaza-Phase 1
LEED Certification, 2008
US Green Building Council

The Geffen Playhouse
2006 Grand Prize
Southern CA Development Forum

The Geffen Playhouse,
Award of Excellence
National Council of the

Society of American Registered Architects

The Geffen Playhouse,
Award of Excellence
CA Council of the Society

of American Registered Architects

The Geffen Playhouse,
2006 Preservation Award
Los Angeles Conservancy

The Geffen Playhouse
2006 Award
Los Angeles Business Council

Purcell Murray Showroom
2004 National Award of Merit
Society of American Registered Architects

Pasadena Corporate Park,
2004 National Award of Merit
Society of American Registered Architects

Pasadena Corporate Park,
2000 Grand Prize
Southern CA Development Forum

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